CINEMA CRAFT Encoder SP3 for Windows
The File Based Software Encoder for High Quality Standard Definition MPEG-2 / MPEG-1 Encoding
Special Features:
Encode Pristine Quality HD to SD Downconversions
Frame size: Input unlimited / Output: up to 720x576
Segment Re-Encoding
Improves productivity by allowing you to re-encode only a specified part of a file
Note: Previously registered licensees/users of CCE-SP or CCE-SP2 are eligible for a special upgrade price until May 31, 2010. Please email us with your Name, Company Name, and Serial Number. After verification, you will then receive a special discount coupon that you can use before checkout.
CINEMA CRAFT Encoder SP3 (CCE-SP3) is an MPEG2 software encoder that enables you to create the ultimate level of picture quality at high speed. There is a growing need for much higher picture quality in DVD production industry. CCE-SP3 includes the CINEMA CRAFT Xtream (CCX) encode engine that is highly rated by many compressionists around the world and has been utilized to create a considerable number of DVD titles.   See screenshots

Encode engine enabling high picture quality
CCE-SP3 includes Virtual Multi-Pass Encoding, Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix and Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure. The latter features can automatically optimize for the best quantize matrix and GOP structure for each GOP.

Segment Re-Encoding
Segment Re-Encoding helps you to improve productivity because you can re-encode only the specified part of a file with it.

The high-performance filtering feature is implemented by using the unique algorithm.

Inverse 3:2 pulldown
Highly accurate automatic 3:2 pulldown detection is available through the unique algorithm.

Watch folder
Automatically encode the file copied into the specified folder just by specifying initial setup.