The CINEMA CRAFT HD encoder (CC-HDe) is a high-end, easy to use H.264/AVC toolset. It produces pristine picture quality encodes that has set the benchmark for Hollywood and Blu-ray titles world-wide.

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System Specifications
4th Generation H.264 Core Encoding Engine
Unique Features
Advanced Motion DetectionExclusive unique motion detection algorithm
Automatic Scene DetectionPrecise scene change detection
Advanced Adaptive GOP StructureAutomatically optimizes for the best GOP structure for each GOP
Multi-Pass Encoding (Up to 99)Every time it adds a pass by referencing the past encoding history, the picture quality automatically improves
Virtual Multi-Pass EncodingPerforms multiple Quantization passes during a single pass
Encoding ModeCBR -- Single Pass / Multi-Pass (up to 99)

VBR -- Single Pass / Multi-Pass (up to 99)
Encoding Speed -- Quality / Normal / FastUp to 2 times faster than real time
Control Window User Interface
Calling setting windows and encoding
[Basic Settings]
Stuffing Bits into VBR StreamEnabling this option for VBR streams instructs the Encoder to “insert bits” for scenes in which the bitrate is below the specified minimum bitrate
CodingPicture AFF and Macroblock AFF
[Segment Settings]Automatically inserts an I-frame at the scene change
I-Frame InsertionAbility to change the frame you specify to an I-frame
Editing Quantize MatrixAbility to edit Quantize Matrix
[Filter Settings]Multi-functional Filter Sets:
Proprietary Pre-filteringDithering, Error Diffusion, Pixel Values, Black Level, Q. Characteristics, Luminance, Quantize, Grain, Texture, Spike, Blur, Low Pass, High Gain, Region
Pre-filtering with PreviewThe Preview function enables the user to apply a Filter while confirming the visual effect in real time
[Effect Settings]Special Effects such as Monochrome, Black, Super Black,
Effect Windowand White. Also for applying a specified Matte
Effect Window With PreviewThe Preview function enables the user to apply a Special Effect while confirming the visual effect in real time.
[VBR Detail Settings]
Segment Re-EncodingRe-Encodes just a segment you specify
Bitrate and Quantization Scale GraphAbility to see bitrate fluctuations or quantization scale on the graph and optimize the structure of each GOP
[Inverse 3:2 Pulldown Settings]
Inverse 3:2 PulldownHighly accurate detection by 2-pass inverse 3:2 pulldown
Additional Features
Setting Pictures' Temporal Position Specify and displays pictures' current temporal location
Recoding Pictures' Temporal PositionTimecode or frame entry and chase scratch pad
Playback Functions and Jump Controls Extensive variable picture review playback controls and speeds
Frame FinderFrame Finder is used to find a frame by scanning pictures with a slider control (Scrubbing)
Listing Display for Setting Positions A List that indicates timecodes of various types of settings that you have set, and can navigate to quickly
Sub Image ViewSub image view is a magnifier exclusive for CC-HDe. There are six Sub image views: Type, Size, and Mode settings can be set independently for each of them
Saving Displayed Image as a Bitmap FileIt saves the displayed image as a bitmap file
Picture Analysis ToolsMagnifying tool
As is
Dark Mode
Bright Mode
Blue Only Mode
Picture Display SettingSource
Source : Decode
Source : Filter
Filter : Decode
Split DisplayThe Screen can be split into two, Horizontally or Vertically, in order to display any two from source, filter output, and decoded output at the same time
Region of InterestIts function is to specify pictures' temporal region in order to treat the region effectively
Pictures' Display Field SettingSpecifies whether to display pictures as frames or as fields
Batch EncodingAbility to Batch Encode all of the entries in the list
ConcatenationAbility to concatenate multiple source files (same type) into one AVC Stream
ReplaceFacilitates partial replacement of the existing source file --- down to one frame
Mark PositionWhile encoding, you can mark time codes that you can reference later
AVC Proprietary Software DecoderBuilt-in H.264/AVC Decoder:
Enables the user to evaluate picture quality by high performance software decoder
VPKVideo Playback Kit with HD-SDI or HDMI Output for External Monitor
SD MPEG-2 EncoderHighest Quality Xtream Core Encoding Engine with Segment Re-Encoding
CINEMA CRAFT High Definition General Specifications
Compression: H.264/AVC - Video: ITU-T Rec.H264, ISO/IEC14496-10 High Profile Level 4.1/3.2 (CABAC only)
Input Format Support

Planar 420
Output Format Support

H.264/AVC (Video ES)
Filtered (Planar 420)
Decoded (Planar 420)
Frame Size
    Input1920x1080     1280x720     720x480     720x576
    OutputDepends on Input Format
Frame Rate
    1080 / 480 / 57624p / 60i / 50i
    720p24p / 60p / 50p
Bit Rate

Up to 40 Mbps